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Welcome to the on-line presence of the Independent County Grand Lodge of England. Through the pages of this web site, we shall endeavour to share with you the principles, objectives and beliefs of our Glorious Institution. We trust that you will note the Loyalty which the Independent Orange Order has for the good and welfare of the British Crown and Constitution (it being Protestant) It is therefore our hope, that you will obtain a greater understanding of our biblical position and beliefs as we endeavour to share with you the traditional Protestant values, which our members hold so dear.

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A Brief History
William III Prince of Orange ascended to the British throne along with his wife Mary on 13th February 1689. His objective was to preserve and maintain Civil and Religious Liberties within the realm of England. It was during the joint reign of William and Mary that the Constitutional position of the British Monarchy as we know it today, was developed and established. This period of history was known as the Glorious Revolution of 1688 due to the fact that William ascended to the Throne of England. in 1688 without any blood being shed. Upon hearing of Williams arrival King James II fled to Ireland for refuge. Williams’s victory, over James at the Battle of the Boyne, ensured that his name would be forever inscribed and remembered in British history. Today, our members are unapologetically Loyal to the Queen, Crown and Constitution. Our Organisation is Protestant by conviction and adheres doctrinally to the Reformed Protestant Faith. The Independent Orange Institution of England stands for the principles and objectives secured by the Prince of Orange those many years ago. We salute his brave memory and rejoice in the freedom of religious expression which we enjoy in our land today all as a result of his courage.
How the Independents came to England
In brief, the 5th November 1688 saw the arrival of the Prince of Orange landing at Brixam Torbay. The Orange Association was formed for the defence of the Protestant Faith however the Association never really developed until the late 1700s when Protestant farmers from the Loughall area of Co Armagh banded together to defended their land from their Roman Catholic neighbours. The dispute that took place on that occasion was to be known as the Battle of the Diamond of 1795.
Late in 1903, the Independent Orange Order was formed and established as a result of a feeling of betrayal to the Loyalist cause by leading Orangemen within the Grand Lodge of Ireland. The Independent Order continued to develop and grow over the following years and retained its own identity within the Orange family. It wasn’t until 1985 that the English Independent Institution came into existence. Officers within the Liverpool Provincial Grand Lodge tried to prohibit Orangemen from carrying a battle honours standard in memory of the brave men of the of the 36th Ulster Division who gave their lives in the Great War of 1914-1918. Following this disagreement, over 500 Orangemen and Women applied for membership of the Imperial Independent Grand Lodge of Ireland. Over the intervening years our numbers have increased, and membership has expanded from within Merseyside, to cover mainland England and Scotland.