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Independents in ENGLAND

Press Releases
Flute Bands
Pipe Bands
As children we were enthralled by the sound and presence of the bands as they passed by. Today things haven’t changed, and it is still the bands who through their dedication and practise still show off our organisation to the full. The 70’s are gone and with them the jumper and trousers with the stripe up the side. Today’s bands have a great financial burden to bear for both uniforms, and also musical instruments. We would take this opportunity to thank those members who do so much for the institution in providing the bystander at our parades with a vision of skill and discipline, for which we are all rightly proud.
Accordian Bands

The majority of our bands would fall into this group. The sharp clear note of the flute has been heard on our streets for many years now, and will hopefully continue for many more.

Although not as prolific as the flute bands, the accordian, and squeezebox has a following in the institution, ably playing many of the hymns which  bring back memories to most people of their youth. They are also prone to playing protestant songs which would be all but forgotten if not for the bands.

The pipes are for some the true sound of the Scott’s Irish, and highlight the link between the North of Ireland and their Scottish neighbours.

Great skill and patience is required to play both the pipes and the distinctive rolls which the drummers are required to master.