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Independents in ENGLAND

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Childrens Lodges

The children’s lodges are the Orange Order of tomorrow. It is in these young people that our future lies. At such an early age they may not be aware of the trials and struggles which may befall each of them as they pass through their early years towards teenage years and then on to adulthood. The Order seeks to promote a sense of unity and fraternity which will stay with some of the children for the rest of their lives. It allows the children to be taught the scriptures from their youth, and also provides a way of teaching them of the heritage which they now have because of sacrifices made by those who have gone before.

It also promotes friendship from an early age with other children, giving them a sense of community and teaching the fundamentals of reasoning, honesty, and fair play.

Our thanks would go to the ladies (and male lodge members) who give up their time to nurture and teach the future of our Institution.