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Independents in ENGLAND

Press Releases
Postal Address

English Headquarters

Independent Orange  Institution

112, St Domingo Road,


Liverpool, L5 0RT


Tel (0151) 261 9555



By Car
Being centrally placed, Liverpool has great access from the rest of the UK. It  can be accessed from M62, M57, M58 etc.

The headquarters is not far from the city centre. Travellers would be best to head in that general direction, and then follow directions to Anfield football ground. HQ is only 1/4 mile from Anfield or Goodison Football grounds.

Best advice would be to ring.

By Train

Liverpool is in a central position of our nation. It main line station is called Lime Street Station and can be reached from all over the country.

From here it would be a short taxi / bus ride to the Headquarters on St Domingo Road.

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