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Independents in ENGLAND

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Ladies Lodges
As with the male lodges, the Ladies meet regularly on a monthly basis. The meetings are held in private and are restricted to members of the order. The Ladies have the same opportunity to discuss and decide upon issues as the male lodges, They have their own lecture class where they commit to memory the varous rituals of the Institution. The male and female lectures are both based on scriptural themes, but are succinctly different in all other ways. The ladies lodges are also the main stay of the junior lodges and their help and time is greatly appreciated in this matter. Another place where the ladies lodges show their strength is in the charitable works which they put their efforts behind.  
The ladies lodges are also seen on parade as they walk along impeccably dressed and presenting a highly respectable image for the Institution.
The order is made up of ladies from varying different backgrounds, who have a common outlook, to see the protestant religion presented to all who will hear, and to bring their offspring up with a set of precepts and standards to live up to. Again the  order is made all the more strong because of this ‘multi-class’, multi-cultural edge which is so sadly lacking in society today.
As mentioned we are proud to have members from different cultural, and geographical  roots, all with a common bond of a belief in the Holy Bible as God’s inspired word, reminding us of how we were created, how man sinned, and how God  has provided us with a free salvation  through his Son Jesus Christ.
Ladies Lodges