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Liverpool hosted its very own Ulster Covenant Parade on Saturday 6th October to commemorate Ulster’s opposition to Home Rule. The Parade was organised by the Everton Road Protestant Boys Flute Band in conjunction  with the Apprentice Boys of Derry Association. The Invitation was extended to all Loyalist Organisation and so a United Unionist parade opened up the invitation for the Independent County Grand Lodge of  England to participate and support the event also. Brethren from Ulster and Scotland travelled to the parade which left from Mann Island, at the Pier Head in Liverpool. Travelling through the City Centre all bands and ABOD Clubs and Lodges paused at the Cenotaph to pay tribute to the fallen heroes and to lay wreaths in respect of those who gave their lives for freedoms cause.
Later that day the Independent Institution held its own Covenant Demonstration in Bootle, Liverpool. We were delighted to welcome fellow loyalists from Scotland and Northern Ireland who joined us on this momentous occasion. Following the Ulster Covenant parade to the Stormont Parliament held on Saturday 29th September, we are confident that Ulster’s position as an integral part of the United Kingdom is as safe as ever. The Province 100 years after the signing of the Solemn League of Covenant under the leadership of Sir Edward Carson is still considered to be the most Loyal part of Her Majesty's Kingdom

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Ulster Covenant Parade (Liverpool Saturday 6th October 2012
Liverpool’s Ulster Covenant Parade - 6th October 2012
“A day to be remembered”