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Independents in ENGLAND

Press Releases
The Independent Orange Institution is Constitutionally Unionist by Conviction. We swear solemn allegiance to Her Majesty Queen the sovereign of the United Kingdom, and to the laws of this Realm. We agree with, endorse and accept the legislative Union and the Protestant Succession to the British Throne within the House of Windsor. Additionally we pledge our firm support to the magistrates and the civil authorities in the lawful execution of their duties. We are fully supportive of the retention of the Union of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and firmly oppose any who would dare to attempt to thwart our Unionist position within the British Commonwealth. As an Institution we can confirm that Democracy, the Constitutional position of the British Monarchy, Freedom of Speech and our Civil and Religious liberty where all secured by our Protestant forefathers to which we pay tribute during many of the annual parades and services which take place throughout the year. These principles are enshrined within the Bill of Rights together with the Act of Settlement. The Independent Orange Order do not have any links with any political party but as a Protestant fraternity, we support to any policy which will enhance the Union and maintain our rights to freely express our profession of faith.

We have set ourselves aside from other organisations by virtue of our long standing moto:-


Our Constitution