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Independents in ENGLAND

Press Releases
Male Lodges

The male lodges meet regularly on a monthly basis. The meetings are held in private and are restricted to members of the order.  Topics under discussion can range from local issues, to national items. As individual members of society it can be hard to get our voices heard, but as a group, both in local Lodge, District and County lodges we can band together to have a united stand on many issues.

As well as the public face of Parading along local streets, the institution also endeavours to solicit response from local and national politicians on a variety of issues. We are proud of the chartitable endeavours of the institution and the many members who not only contribute, but also give of their time to help others.

The order is made up of men from varying different backgrounds, from the unemployed, to those in high offices in the land. The order is made all the more strong because of this ‘multi-class’, multi-cultural edge which is not easily found in society in general.

As mentioned we are proud to have members from different cultural, and geographical  roots, all with a common bond of a belief in the Holy Bible as God’s inspired word, reminding us of how we were created, how man sinned, and how God  has provided us with a free salvation  through his Son Jesus Christ.

Male Lodges