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Independents in ENGLAND

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110 Anniversary Parade on the banks of the Boyne 21st September 2013
Members of Independent Orange Order from Liverpool
“A day to be remembered”  

The Independent Orange Order came into existence in 1903 following the dismissal of brethren from the Orange Order following a disagreement. 110 years later and the organisation is still flourishing and continuing to stand for the principles of  their forefathers.

The anniversary parade was held on the banks of the Boyne, where in 1990 the Independent Orange marked the historical occasion of the 300th anniversary of the battle of the Boyne by being the first to parade across the Boyne. I remember travelling to this very parade with our late brother and County Grand Master of England,  Bro Steve Bell.

The procession paraded a short distance across the Boyne, to the Schomberg Stone, where the Imperial Grand Master addressed the company, followed by the singing of the 100th Psalm and a devotional message from Bro Phillip Moffatt (Deputy Grand Chaplin).

Following the laying of a wreath at the Schomberg Stone in remembrance of  those many men who had died, the procession made its way up the embankment  to the Boyne Heritage Centre, where the company                                                           disbanded,.

A demonstration of weapons and cavalry  techniques was presented by  Boyd Rankin ably assisted by Lynne Williams.

Boyd, dressed in period costume, gave a thrilling talk about the various weapons used at the battle of the Boyne. It was an experience for those in attendance to see a flintlock rifle being repeatedly fired, to demonstrate the firing rate of an average soldier at the Boyne in 1990.

Following Boyd, Lynne Williams, again dressed in period costume demonstrated the intricate manoeuvres of the cavalry officers and their specially trained horses.

The Boyne Centre provides a museum of various artefacts, and tells the story of the battle which took place over 300 years ago. This battle being the biggest on Irish or British soil.

It must also be noted the excellent service provided in the attached tea rooms, serving both hot and cold food.

The members then finished the day by parading from the Centre back across the Boyne to the coaches, which took them back over the border to Northern Ireland.

County Grand Master of England, Steve Usher was in attendance and paraded at the front of procession with the Grand Lodge officers. Both he and Bro Kenny Pinder thought the day was a great success and an ideal way to mark the 110th anniversary.

For more information on the Boyne Centre, or if you are ever in the area and wish to visit, details are available on their web site:

Also Note that photographs were taken throughout the day by an event photographer. These pictures are available for viewing and purchase by going to the following website, and clicking on the “Client Area”, the code is 21092013