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Independents in ENGLAND

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The Institution is composed of Private Lodges. These Private Lodges send representatives to the District Lodge, which looks after the private lodges within a particular, area. All District Lodges send representatives to County Grand Lodges who in turn make up the Imperial Grand Lodge- The Imperial Grand Lodge is the most senior lodge within the Order. The structure is completely democratic. Indeed private lodges have the right to send representatives to the Imperial Grand Lodge.
Any member, in receipt of the Royal Arch Purple Degree (see degrees) also has the right to attend the Imperial Grand Lodge. Each private lodge has a number of officers elected annually by the members.

They are as follows:
1) Worshipful Master/ Mistress - This is the senior officer of the lodge. They acts as chairperson and conduct the business. (Worshipful is an old word for "honourable")

2) Deputy Master / Mistress - They assist the Worshipful Master/Mistress and take their place in the absence of the W.M.

3) Lodge Chaplain - conducts the devotional exercises of the lodge

4) Lodge Secretary - records the decisions of the lodge and deals with public and private correspondence. They also has a responsibility to make reports to senior lodges

5) Lodge Treasurer - They look after the money belonging to the lodge and are accountable for all finance.

6) The Committee - Five (or more) Committee members are elected to deal with detailed arrangements of any function and to deputize for any of the senior officers.

7) The Tyler’s - are the door keepers of the Lodge. it is their job to ensure that only members are admitted.

The Imperial Grand Lodge oversees the entire institution in Northern Ireland, England, Scotland, Canada and Australia. Indeed anywhere in the world where there is an Independent Orange Lodge. The work of the Institution is overseen by a series of committees that report to the Imperial Grand Lodge on a regular basis. Many of these committees draw from the experience and expertise of its members from throughout the Institution.
Structure of the Institution