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Independents in ENGLAND

Press Releases

Phil Moffatt - Address to Ballymoney 12th July 2011 demonstration

Imperial Grand Master, Grand Lodge Officers, Members of the Platform Party, Sisters, Brethren and Protestant Friends. I have been instructed by the County Grand Master Bro Stephen Bell, the Officers and Members of the Independent County Grand Lodge of Merseyside to extend our fraternal greetings to those assembled here in Ballymoney on this the 321st Anniversary of the Battle of the Boyne.

We are indebted to the members of the Imperial Grand Lodge for the help and assistance given to us earlier this year, as we opened our first Headquarters on the British Mainland. We publicly express our sincere thanks for the support which you gave to us on that memorable occasion.

The members of the Country Grand Lodge of Merseyside are heartened by recent developments here in the beloved Province of Ulster.

· Developments that have seen a form of peace and stability brought to this part of the United Kingdom.

· Developments which have also allowed our Most Gracious Queen Elisabeth, to conduct a state visit to the Irish Republic. This, of-couse, was only made possible following the removal of the territorial claim over the 6 counties of Ulster from the Irish Constitution. Northern Ireland, firmly remains an important and an integral part of this part of the United Kingdom and long shall it remain.

We are delighted to see that the armalite , the bomb and the bullet, have been set aside and that the majority of republicans now embraced our democratic structures entering into the political process. Republicans now take their seats, as Ministers of the British Crown, which is something to be welcomed after 30 years of hostility against a system which they now play a full part in. We are encouraged to witness Stormont working well, for the good and welfare of the people of this Province, as laws are passed requiring both Royal accent and approval .

We do however register our concern, at the recent appointment of Mary McCardel a convicted, cold blooded killer, to the office of special adviser. This appointment is seen as rewarding those who have brought much heartache, sorrow and distress to an innocent family. We join wholeheartedly with the Travis Family in calling upon the Deputy First Minister to remove Mrs McCardel from office with immediate effect. We place on record this challenge to the Deputy First Minister :

· “ If you really want to move Northern Ireland Forward,”

· “ If your really want a shared and sustainable future for the people of this Province,”

· “ If you really are sorry for the distress that you have caused to others” then in a statesman like fashion, we call upon you to do that which is right and proper and remove this person from office immediately. Its a challenge that we trust you will not reject. A positive response we trust, will bring some form of comfort and consolation to the family.

In conclusion Bro McLean, we congratulate you on being elected to the position of Imperial Grand Master of this illustrious Institution of ours. We assure you of our continual prayerful support as a County Grand Lodge and we trust that God will richly bless you in this your first term of office. I trust that the Lord will continue to extend his hand of blessing upon the Independent Orange Institution, and the cause of Orangeism throughout the waiting world.

May God Save our Gracious Queen.