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Independents in ENGLAND

Press Releases


The Independent Orange Institution in England has welcomed the announcement that Tuesday 4th June 2012 is to be made a public bank holiday to celebrate the Queens Diamond Jubilee. Queen Elisabeth ascended to the Throne at the tender age of 25, following the untimely death of her father King George VI on 6th February 1952.

The County Grand Master of England, Stephen Bell said “We are delighted and warmly welcome the announcement that the Government has decided to recognize 60 years of faithful service to the people of this realm, by providing us with an additional bank holiday. The Queen of England is most certainly a national treasure and she has been a real asset to this nation of ours. During her reign she has, faithfully fulfilled her duty to the British Commonwealth in a most remarkable way. No less than 12 Prime Ministers have served during her term as Defender of the Faith.”

Stephen Bell continued “Our members will be celebrating the long reign of Queen Elisabeth II. Our County Grand Lodge have already commissioned and approved that a steering committee be set up, who will organize and arrange events surrounding the Diamond Jubilee Celebrations. This will be as massive an event within our organization as it will be within the nation as a whole. We are unapologetically Royalists and our Loyalty as an Institution to the British Crown is accepted and well known.” said Stephen Bell.

Queen Elisabeth’s reign is just 4 years short of the longest serving British Monarch, Queen Victoria who reigned for 64 years from 1837 to 1901. The Government intends to move the Whit Bank Holiday Monday forward one week in order that the entire weekend can be given over to celebrating the Diamond Jubilee.

Should you require any further additional information then please contact the County Grand Master of England Mr Stephen Bell at:- contact details as per website