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Independents in ENGLAND

Press Releases

Dear Mrs Rowley,

I am writing to you as County Grand Master of England regarding the removal of flags from the area around our Headquarters. For the past number of years we have decorated the area of St Domingo and Heyworth Street with flags representing our national identity to celebrate the Civil and Religious Liberties which were secured for all the people of these Islands in the Glorious Revolution of 1688-1690.

Our members put these flags up securely fixing them to the lampposts, and we remove them immediately after the 12th July celebrations at no cost or expense to the ratepayer of this City. We are conscious that such acceptance of the cultural identity of other traditions have been embraced and accepted in the past. Liverpool is indeed the World in one City and the Chinese Community, African Communities, Muslim Communities and even Irish Communities etc are all allowed to express their traditional beliefs and decorate their respective to celebrate their identity.

Liverpool has developed as a City and the Orange and Green Communities now live side by side with each other in what can only be described as an integrated society. The Mistrust of the past have thankfully been buried in the past and should remain there. However the removal of our flags at such a time as this is considered to be an insult to the Orange Community within the City. These flags were put up late yesterday evening and they were removed at 7am this morning.

I demand the following :

a) That these flags be put back up by the Council with immediate effect.

b) That you provide me with the name of the person who sanctioned the removal of these flags.

c) That you inform me of the number of complaints made to the Council between the hours of 8pm on Thursday 7th July and 7am on Friday 8th July.

d) That you also provide me with the number of complaints registered with the Council regarding these flags in 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010.

I will not accept any delay in returning these flags to their rightful place. I would have thought that Liverpool City Council would have learned its lesson following the public outcry in the past when they have removed national flags from lampposts within the City.

I demand that you contact me with immediate effect and provide the reassurance that these flags will be put back up today. I assure you that this is a sensitive issue and your co-operation would be welcomed on this occasion lest the local and national press seize the opportunity to make a public example of our City Council once again.

There appears to be a hidden agenda here, when the Council permits other cultures to express their cultural identity, yet we are prohibited from expressing ours.This is unacceptable and it will not be tolerated by our membership and . In conclusion please note my personal mobile number xxxxxxxxx . I require a call immediately and assurance that these flags will be put up before close of business today. The last thing we need is a City wide campaign to encourage our members and supporters to put up flags within their area. We demand action and we demand it now.

trusting that you will respond without delay


Mr Stephen Bell

County Grand Master of England